Information on FedEx and Other Transport Companies

The transportation of animals is simply the intentional moving of an animal by professional transport. Common categories of often-used animals that are often transported include livestock intended for meat or other market; zoo/zoological specimens; clinical/research animals; racehorses; and wild animals usually being relocated or rescued. Some commonly-carried animals may also be kept as pets at certain times or be kept in zoos. There are different types of transportation for these animals depending on the purpose of their transport. There are also some animals that can be transported between locations with the required equipment.
The most common type of animal transportation is on ship animals. Click to learn more about Animal Transportation Worldwide. This occurs when a person ships their pet from a veterinarian's office to a private or public facility. Commonly, this transportation method occurs for exotic animals such as snakes, reptiles and birds when they are moved from their natural habitat to a place with more favorable temperature conditions. This kind of transport of the animal is commonly used by zoos and laboratories. This method of transporting animals is mostly preferred to crates because of their longevity and safety.
Another common type of animal transportation is through road transportation. In this case, an individual may choose to transport an animal either on their own vehicle or in an unattended cargo van/car. These animals are usually sent via a commercial airline or truck, by land transport if they are being transported within the United States, by an individual who possesses a valid license for the transportation, and by private individuals who own vehicles that can accommodate the animal(s) to be shipped. It should be noted that international animal transportation requires a passport.
In addition to transporting animals via airplane, train or bus, there are also instances where individuals ship animals using a sea vessel. These animals may come from zoos, aquariums or sanctuaries. When shipping animals in this manner, the animal is placed in a crate to protect them from the elements while en route. The animal would remain in the crate until it is picked up by the person who is transporting it. In this way, the animals are not exposed to climate conditions while in transit.
There are also times when people ship live animals to other countries for display purposes. Get more info on Animal Transportation Worldwide. Examples of this would be the breeding centers that have been established for exotic species of plants and animals. These are commonly referred to as zoos. For example, the Denver Zoo is a breeding center for numerous exotic species including alligators, bears, turtles, sharks and even monkeys. Individuals who are looking to travel abroad to show off these types of creatures may visit such zoos and look at the various species they have available for display. This is a great way to learn about the lives of these animals and to learn more about the type of life they would probably live in their new country.
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